Crackdown on tax evasion


A new campaign has been launched by the chancellor to target those who evade tax. George Osborne has confirmed HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will work with G20 members to track down people who use offshore accounts to evade paying tax.

The UK last year signed up to an agreement with France, Germ..  Read more

Income tax personal allowance for those born after 5 April 1948 and basic rate limit for 2014-15


General description of the measure 

For 2014-15, the personal allowance for those born after 5 April 1948 will be increased to £10,000, and the basic rate limit will be reduced to £31,865. As set out at Budget 2011, once the personal allowance has reached £10,000, it will then increase..  Read more

OTS' report tries to simplify taxes


Limited company contractors could find that their workload is reduced thanks to new proposals. The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has taken another look at how it can remove some of the complexity associated with taxes and expenses. The OTS has summarised a number of recommendations, which it b..  Read more